Meeting Tony Vedanta Wilmot

I first met Tony Vedanta Wilmot in Nepal on a meditation retreat, where he was teaching Yoga and offered me some private Yoga classes in our spare time. He seemed lovely and was friendly and very eager to help me learn Yoga. Those impressions proved to be wrong.

Tony usually trades under the name SadhanaOm Yoga in Birmingham.

Private Yoga Classes

After some initial private classes, I began to feel a little uncomfortable with Tony Wilmot. I had done some Yoga classes before and had been guided by the teacher correcting my poses, however Tony’s way of correction just seemed a little ‘hands on’.

He seemed to linger a little too long when touching me to correct my position and chose to correct my posture by touching my torso and neck even if not required.

All of this felt a little creepy however Tony was so nice and helpful I let it do as my overactive imagination.

Getting Touchy-Feely

As days went on, however, Tony became more and more inclined to touch me during our classes and it became obvious that this was no longer my imagination.

He then started asking to meet up in his room during our breaks to discuss Yoga philosophy, and suggested meeting up after the retreat had finished. I still liked him and wouldn’t have thought too much of it, if it hadn’t been for his wandering hands.

I did wonder why would a Yoga teacher want to see a student outside of class or in his own room if it wasn’t for some personal agenda? The only answer I could think of was because he wanted to do something inappropriate and was getting me used to being alone with him. This proved to be the case.

I really wish I had paid more attention to my gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right, and simply walked away at that point.

Twisting the Teachings

It seemed Tony Wilmot could take scripture and spirituality and twist it convincingly to mean that spiritual connection is best experienced through sexual connection. He certainly knows all the rules, however he ignores them when it comes to himself and feels his spiritual position entitles him to exploit you however he wants to!

I did meet up with Tony in his room. He did sexually manipulate me and exploit my vulnerability in a totally inappropriate way. I let it happen because he was the teacher, and he held the power. It was power used for abuse and self-gratification, rather than to help.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is not just physical. It can be quiet, manipulative, lurking in hidden places shrouded in shadows, feeding on our fear and weaknesses. It poisons you. This is what Tony Vedanta Wilmot did to me. He poisoned and manipulated me, and abused his position as a teacher in order to sexually exploit me.

Afterwards, I remember him saying to me, in his Birmingham accent “You and me babe, we aint done nout wrong“, but he had done something wrong. He had used his position to manipulate another person with no regard for their wellbeing.

Experiencing sexual abuse by Tony Vedanta Wilmot changed my attitudes towards life and others. I went to Nepal to do a meditation course to help me feel better about myself and came away worse off, suspicious of others, feeling used and my self esteem shattered. It took me years to come to terms with this, and to write this blog post.

I may never put my trust in a teacher, or anyone with a position of power again, and doing so will be a leap of faith and trust that I may not be able to allow myself.

I wish to remain anonymous at this time.